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Product Description

HS10S combination water supply units integrate a check valve with test point, reverse rinsing fine filter, pressure reducing valve and shutoff valve in one appliance. They ensure a continuous supply of filtered water. The fine filter prevents the ingress of foreign bodies, for example rust particles, strands of hemp and grains of sand and thus reduces the probability of corrosion. The check valve protects the mains water system against back pressure, back flow and back syphonage of health threatening liquids. The pressure reducing valve prevents overpressure damage and reduces water consumption. All individual units correspond to the requirements of current DIN/DVGW specifications. Technical features of each unit also apply to the combination assembly. 

Technical Properties

  • DVGW (filter mesh size 100 micron)
  • SVGW(filter mesh size 100 micron)

Drinking water

DN size 40 mm
Port connection external threads
Port diameter 1 1/2 inch
Mounting position horizontal
Outlet pressure 1,5 ... 6 bar
Max. media temperature 70 oC
Flow capacity Kvs 12,6
Body material brass, dezincification resistant
Spring bonnet material synthetic material
Filter mesh 100 micron
Transparant strainer chamber No
Setpoint scale Yes
Balanced seat design Yes
Filter type reverse rinsing
Reverse rinsing with filtered water Yes
Integrated non-return device Yes
Additional Descriptions
  • Double Spin Technology for connection sizes 1/2" to 11/4" -Cartridge with external rotor enabling simultaneous cleaning in lower and upper filter areas -Visual function check possible
  • Especially compact because pressure reducing valve, fine filter, check valve and shutoff valve are combined in one unit
  • Filtered water supplied even during reverse rinsing
  • Patented reverse rinsing system - fast and thorough cleaning of the filter with small amount of water
  • Automatic reverse rinsing actuator with bayonet connector can be retrofitted
  • Shock resistant clear synthetic material filter bowl enables easy checking of filter contamination
  • Inlet pressure balancing - no influence on outlet pressure by fluctuating inlet pressure
  • Filter and complete filter bowl are replaceable 
  • The valve insert is of high quality synthetic material and can be fully exchanged 
  • All materials are ACS approved 
  • All materials are KTW approved 
  • Approved by TUEV LGA for low noise, Group 1 without limitations
Maximum inlet pressure 25 bar