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MARS Series Premium Manual Valve (V300)

MARS Series Premium Manual Valve (V300)

Manual radiator valve, convertible to thermostatic operation.

Product Description

Manual radiator valve, convertible to thermostatic operation.
For water-based heating systems.

Technical Properties

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Body-head connection M30 x 1,5
Nominal pressure PN10
Media temp. 2 ... 120 oC
Materials Valve housing made of nickel-plated brass. Valve insert made of brass with EPDM O-rings and soft seals and stainless steel spindle. Protection cap made of grey plastic. Union-nut and tailpiece made of nickel plated brass with EPDM O-ring.
Closing dimension 11,5 mm

Related Material


Product Type DN size
Connection diameter
Kvs value
Body pattern
Ordering Information

10 mm 3/8 inch 1,62 angle

15 mm 1/2 inch 1,62 angle

10 mm 3/8 inch 1,47 straight

15 mm 1/2 inch 1,47 straight

Accessories and replacement parts

Service parts

Image Description Product Type Downloads
BB type valve insert VS1200BB01  
Replacement handwheel (10 pcs) H100-1/2D  
Pressure cap, for valves DN10 VA2202A010  
Pressure cap for shutting off valves on radiator outlet for valves DN15 (1/2") VA2202A015  
Sealing ring for pressure cap, for valves DN10 VA5090A010  
Sealing ring for pressure cap for valves DN15 (1/2") VA5090A015  
Service tool to replace valve insert for all V2000 types: SX, FX, LX, BB, UB and for legacy types: Kx, SL, SLGB, Mira VA8200A001