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Braukmann VM242A BasicMes-2 Handheld Flow Measurement Computer

Braukmann VM242A BasicMes-2 Handheld Flow Measurement Computer

The BasicMes-2 is a handheld measuring computer for flow measurements in hydronic heating and cooling systems.

Product Description

The BasicMes-2 is a handheld measuring computer for flow measurements in hydronic heating and cooling systems.
The BasicMes-2 measures the differential pressure over an orifice, for example a valve seat. Together with the kv-value of the orifice the flow is calculated using the kv formula. The kv-value of all Honeywell balancing valves as well as some common valves of other manufacturers are stored in an internal database. Manual input of the kv-value is also possible. Apart from differential pressure and flow measurement the BasicMes-2 has the following functions:
  • Two temperature sensor inputs for simultaneous (using two sensors) or successive (using one sensor) temperature measurements
  • Data logging function with programmable interval and duration
  • Leakage test with programmable test pressure and duration
  • Memory to save measured values
  • PC connectivity to download measured data from the device onto a PC including PC user software
  • Print function in combination with optional pocket printer (accessory)

Technical Properties

Product description VM242A BasicMes-2 flow measurement computer with four rechargeable batteries, lanyard, set of hoses with bypass assembly and Honeywell SafeCon quick connections, battery charger, USB cable, two adapters Honeywell SafeCon onto Rectus 21, two adapters Rectus 21 onto 3/4" internal thread, carry case with foam insert, user software on CD-ROM, instruction manual and pocket guide
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Max. delta P 1700 kPa
Media temp. -20 ... 120 oC
  • Easy to use device with compact dimensions
  • Large backlit colour display
  • Integrated valve database
  • Bypass for venting of hoses and zero calibration
  • PC connectivity with software included
  • Robust case for device, accessories and optional pocket printer
  • Magnet on back to attach to metal surfaces


Product Type


Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Set of measuring adapters (2 pcs.) VA3600C001  
Pressure measuring set VA3502A001  
Draining adapter for SafeConTM Connection VA5032A001  
Nadeladapter mit Rectus 21 Buchse, auch geeignet für VM241 und jedes andere Gerät mit Rectus 21 Stecker, für alle VM242 VMA242A003  

Spare Parts

Image Description Product Type Downloads
Pressure hose assembly for all VM242 including bypass assembly, red and blue pressure hose, fittings and ballvalve VMS242A002  
Spare filters (set of two) VMS242A003  
SafeConTM plug (for blue hose) VMS242A008  
SafeConTM plug with ball valve (for red hose) VMS242A009  
Rectus 21 socket onto 3/4 internal thread, with sealing VMS242A004  
SafeConTM socket onto Rectus 21 plug VA2500B001