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Actuator 24Vac, on/off control; with cable 1m

Product Description

VBG6 6-way ball valves, are designed as change-over valve to connect a 2-pipe heat exchanger (Fan-coil Unit or Ceiling) to a 4-pipe system, ideally together with the Kombi-FCU Pressure Independent Control Valve used for dynamic balancing.

The simultaneous rotation of two balls, mechanically connected to one stem, opens supply and return on one side (e.g. cooling) and closes at the same time the other side (heating). That avoids any mixing between the flows, and reduces potential energy losses. VBG6 valves are designed to be actuated by a MR6 rotary valve actuator (on/off or modulating). Position feedback on the modulating actuator can be used for remote system monitoring and system check. 

Technical Properties

Control input signal 2-pt
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Media temp. 2 ... 110 oC
Nominal pressure PN16
Angle of rotation 90 o

body brass, inner parts brass 

Port connection ext. thread flat sealing


Additional Descriptions

VBG6 valves are delivered with a flow limiter kit in the valve box. This gives flexibility in the flow rate adjustment. During installation, the used Kv value should be written on the label stripped on the valve neck. 

Close off 200 kPa
Connection diameter G 3/4 inch