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Set of compression ring and nut 3/8" x 12 mm

Product Description

Shut-off valve with measuring support for supply mains and branches. To be used in combination with a V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE double-regulating balancing valve in the return. Together with a V5012 Kombi-DP diaphragm unit the Kombi-3-plus can be upgraded to an automatic balancing valve even after the system has been taken into commission and under system pressure.

  • •The hydronic balance is a significant requirement for the efficient operation of a hydronic heating or cooling installation. In an unbalanced system under or over provision of hot water to individual radiators or circuits can occur. Apart from the correct selection of radiator valves, regulation of individual circuits is also necessary and in some cases, such as in DIN 18 380, VOB part C, required by national standards. This requirement is met with Kombi-3-plus Series balancing valves.
  • •The V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED is a fixed orifice measuring valve for the supply with additional functions shutoff, draining and filling.

Water-based heating and cooling systems.