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XC70 and XC100 - Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarms Polish

XC70 and XC100 - Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarms Polish

Product Description

In the XC series detectors, electrochemical cells made according to their own design were used to ensure compliance with the European guaranteed standards EN50291-1: 2010 for domestic rooms and EN50291-2: 2010 for recreational vehicles and similar facilities. The lifetime and warranty for various models is 7 or 10 years. Application for domestic premises, apartments, leisure accommodation, boats and caravans (static/mobile) or environments where generators are used.

Technical Properties

Mounting place ceiling + wall

Compliance with requiremenmts for CE mark ans BSI Kitemark, compliance with RoHS and REACH

Housing (HxWxD) 100 mm | 72 mm | 36 mm
Additional Descriptions


  • Build-in sensor ensures proper detection thanks Honeywell's Electrochemical cells: 7 years life and warranty for XC70 or 10 years life and warranty for XC100 and XC100D
  • The level alarms are according requirements defined by EN50291:2010: 50 ppm between 60 - 90 minutes; 100 ppm between 10 - 40 minutes; 300 ppm within 3 minutes•Maintenance free - no parts to change (including sensor and battery)
  • Sensor loundness of the alarm above 90 dB at distance of 1 m
  • CO alarms perform an automatic self-test for the electronics every 60 minutes
  • The memory function will keep the red LCD flashing untill the buton is pressed or 7 days have passed
  • Pre-alarm function (defined at start-up) - earlier failure indication of the device emitting carbon monoxide already at 25% of the alarm level
  • All the detectors indicate the end of the service life
  • Easy installation: free-standing, wall or ceiling
  • Signalling the alarm state: - XC70: sound and red LCD alarm; - XC100: audible and flashing alarm message; - XC100D: audible, flashing alarm message and indication on the display
  • Model XC100D - detector with digital display, information of real concentration level, pre-alarm, possibility of silenced test alarm


Product Type Product description
XC-series - Monoxide Alarm Detectors


Sound and red LCD alarm


Audible and flashing alarm message, 10 years life and warranty


Audible, flashing alarm message and indication on the display, 10 years lifetime and warranty

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Wireless plug-in module XW100-EN