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10 litres

Product Description

Honeywell EW480 Series magnetic inductive flow meters are used for flow measurement in hydronic heating, cooling or air conditioning systems. They consist of a flow sensor with preassembled converter and are typically used with an EW500 Series energy calculator for heat energy metering.

Technical Properties


MID approved (MI004), CE marked

Medium heating or chilled water
DN size 150 mm
Connection Flanges PN16
Media temp. -20 ... 100 oC
Nominal flow (qp) 630 m3/h
Length 300 mm
Measuring process magnetic inductive
Power source

100-240 Vac / 44-66 Hz

Interface Pulse out
Interface type Fixed
Dynamic range


  • Horizontal and riser installation position
  • No pressure loss
  • Rugged design
  • Indifferent to dirt in the system
  • Sizes larger DN250 available on request
Additional description

Minimum conductivity: 5 mikroSiemens/cm