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Electronic radiator controller

Product Description

HR92 is an electronic radiator controller with a modern design. Because of the wireless communication with a frequency of 868 MHz the controller can be easily integrated in heating systems such as evohome to control the room temperature.

Many operating settings (parameters) can be set

  • The local language can be selected
  • Backlight of the display on / off
  • Change in the sensitivity of the Window response time
  • The valve lift
  • Correct temperature deviations (temperature Offset)
  • Auto window function or external window contact

Energy saving features

  • The heating valve closes with the auto-window function when the room is ventilated. Optionally, the HR92 with the externally wired window contact HCA30 (Connection via cable ACS90)

Technical Properties



Temp. setpoint range 5 ... 35 oC
Frost protection temperature 5 oC
R.H. range 10 ... 90 %rh
RF communication distance 30 m
RF frequency range 868 ... 870 MHz
User panel language Czech Hungarian Polish Romanian Slovak
Housing (HxWxD) 60 mm | 54 mm | 96 mm
Materials Polycarbonat
Protection class IP30
Includes Adapters: Danfoss RA, Comap/Herz M28x1,5mm
Power supply 2 batteries 1,5V: LR6, AA, AM3, Lithium or 2 rechargeable batteries 1,2 V NiMH
Ambient temperature 0 ... 50 oC
Additional Descriptions
  • New attractive design with polished to a high gloss surface
  • User-friendly, large adjustable display with backlit display
  • Displays the zone or room name
  • Quick assembly and easy commissioning
  • Fits the most common radiator valves without an adapter of type M30x1.5. With the available adapters, the Regulator on most common radiator valves
  • Connection to externally wired window contact
  • Theft protection for batteries and device
  • Basic settings can be adjusted
  • Information is represented by symbols and lines of text displayed, e.g. B. the zone or room name
  • A manual room temperature change is possible at any time possible