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Product Description

The RNG55 -D direct is the optimal solution for the simple and cost-efficient switch from Resideo/Honeywell Home walk-by systems to remote readouts via AMR.

New installations can also be equipped at any time. The gateway receives data from all RESIDEO metering devices in C-mode and wireless M-Bus (C and T) compatible unidirectional third-party meters in the direct reception area. A total of up to 400 metering devices can be received per gateway. The device is factory-fitted with a SIM card including a 5 year service contract. You manage all gateway configuration procedures via the cloud based HSMP software. RNG55-D direct of the type RNG55-D-STD are batterypowered. There is a mains-operated version RNG55-D-230V available for daily readout.

Technical Properties

  • Wireless M-Bus 868 MHz
  • Excellent ISM radio sensitivity
  • Quad-band GSM 900, 1.800 MHz / UMTS 900, 2.100 MHz
  • Safe mobile data transfer in the ISM and GSM bands
  • Highest possible wireless connectivity by national and international roaming
  • Automatic selection of the optimum network guarantees maximum battery service life
  • Battery power supply, for 5 years (depending on set operation Scenario)
  • Device-integrated GSM & ISM antennas
  • Pre-installed SIM card and self-configuration of key-parameters
  • Indoor wall-mount
  • Simple on-site installation
  • Management via cloud based HSMP (Honeywell Home Smart Metering Platform) software
Product description

Network Gateway 5.5 DIRECT 2G/2G - 230V


RNG55-D-STD: 1105 g RNG55-D-230V: 691 g