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Associated Datacollector (fixed): Network node G5.5 C/S - STD

Product Description

The network node RNN55 forms the basis of remote meter reading within the Honeywell Home AMR system. It receives the consumption data from the metering devices and distributes them within the network.

The network node works extremely well in more complex building environments and ideally supports the migration of generation 5.5 walk-by systems for remote reading. The network node RNN55 is available as battery operated (type RNN55-STD) as well as mains operated (type RNN55- 230V). The RNN55 supports the transmission of AES encrypted data telegrams for C-mode metering devices.

Technical Properties

  • CE
Product description

Network node G5.5 C/S - STD


RNN55-STD: 760 g, RNN55-230V: 750 g