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Tailpiece with thread up to collar for valves DN25 (1")

Product Description

The V2050 valves are typically installed at the supply of radiators, fan coil units or other heat exchangers to control the flow of the heating or cooling medium in connection with a thermostatic radiator head or with a thermoelectric of motorized actuator.

Due to high-flow rates, the V2050 valves are suitable for controlling the flow through large radiators, fan coils, heat exchangers, or in 1-pipe systems. The valve insert can be replaced while the system is running and without draining using the service tool (see Accessories). V2050 valves type are suitable for the following Honeywell Home actuators

  • Thermostatic radiator heads with M30 x 1.5 connection
  • MT4 and M5410 2-point actuators
  • M7410E5001 modulating actuator
  • Honeywell Home HR90/HR92, Hometronic HR80 and Roomtronic HR40 actuators