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RF Electronic radiator controller HR92

RF Electronic radiator controller HR92

HR92 is an electronic radiator controller with a modern design. Because of the wireless communication with a frequency of 868 MHz the controller can...

Product Description

HR92 is an electronic radiator controller with a modern design. Because of the wireless communication with a frequency of 868 MHz the controller can be easily integrated in heating systems such as evohome to control the room temperature.

Many operating settings (parameters) can be set

  • The local language can be selected
  • Backlight of the display on / off
  • Change in the sensitivity of the Window response time
  • The valve lift
  • Correct temperature deviations (temperature Offset)
  • Auto window function or external window contact

Energy saving features

  • The heating valve closes with the auto-window function when the room is ventilated. Optionally, the HR92 with the externally wired window contact HCA30 (Connection via cable ACS90)

Technical Properties



Temp. setpoint range 5 ... 35 oC
Frost protection temperature 5 oC
R.H. range 10 ... 90 %rh
RF communication distance 30 m
RF frequency range 868 ... 870 MHz
Housing (HxWxD) 60 mm | 54 mm | 96 mm
Materials Polycarbonat
Protection class IP30
Power supply 2 batteries 1,5V: LR6, AA, AM3, Lithium or 2 rechargeable batteries 1,2 V NiMH
Ambient temperature 0 ... 50 oC
Additional Descriptions
  • New attractive design with polished to a high gloss surface
  • User-friendly, large adjustable display with backlit display
  • Displays the zone or room name
  • Quick assembly and easy commissioning
  • Fits the most common radiator valves without an adapter of type M30x1.5. With the available adapters, the Regulator on most common radiator valves
  • Connection to externally wired window contact
  • Theft protection for batteries and device
  • Basic settings can be adjusted
  • Information is represented by symbols and lines of text displayed, e.g. B. the zone or room name
  • A manual room temperature change is possible at any time possible

Certifications and Awards

Related Material


Product Type Includes
User panel language
Pack containing: Controller, Base plate, Display holder, Batteries, Screws, Adapter(s)


Adapter: Danfoss RAAdapter: Danfoss RA

German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, English

Adapter: Danfoss RA English


Pack of 4 HR92UK


Adapters: Danfoss RA, Comap/Herz M28x1,5mm, Caleffi Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish


Pack of 4 HR92WE

Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish

Adapters: Danfoss RA, Comap/Herz M28x1,5mm Czech Hungarian Polish Romanian Slovak

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Vandalism protection AVS90  
Dial with chromed cap (3 pieces in one pack) AFA90  
Cable for window contact HCA30 ACS90  
M30x1,0 AOV30  
Comap/Herz M28x1,5 ACH28  
Adapter Therafix for HR90, HR91, HR92 EVA1-THERAFIX