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Seal kit complete

Product Description

The DRU Three-Way Rotary Valve provides water temperature control in heating and air-conditioning applications.

These valves are designed for accurate mixing control of supply water temperature and return-flow temperature. The sturdy construction and red brass material ensure long operating life and high reliability when used in combination with M6061/VMM and M7061/VRM actuators. The special inner form of the housing and the all-around changeable rotary plug allow the valve to be adapted to each possible application without having to drain the system. In combination with the distance-adjustable H-Extension, use in a wide range of pre-piped systems is possible.

Technical Properties

Valve series DRU
Valve type 3-way rotary mixing, bypass
Medium type water
Media temp. 2 ... 130 oC
Nominal pressure PN10
Angle of rotation 90 o
Materials body cast iron, inner parts chrome plated
Port connection external threads
Packing double O-ring sealing
Additional Descriptions
  • Housing made of casted iron
  • Chrome-plated plug for long life
  • Optimized characteristic for supply water temperature control
  • All around changeable rotary plug
  • Reliable and easy mounting of electrical actuators
  • Wide range of flow rates in two housing sizes
  • Compact design
  • Use for manifolds by accessory H-Extension
  • Thermal insulation package included