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Product Description

Many dangers in the house are hard to detect before it’s too late, domestic fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are amongst them.

Improved safety standards and new regulations (especially around the installation of smoke alarms) have greatly reduced the consequences of domestic fires but smoking and cooking remain the most common causes.

Both the EU and UK governments recommend fireproof household material, appliances and furniture in homes, these generate a lot less smoke than standard materials, which leads to smoke detectors taking longer to alert of fires in the home.

Fires can also breakout at night, making reliable detectors and alarms essential to alert homeowners when they’re less likely to notice danger themselves.

  • Alarm memory
  • 10 year lifespan / warranty
  • Super slim smoke alarm design
  • End-of-life signal
  • Alarm hush for 10 minutes
  • Fault hush for 9 hours
  • Tamper-proof optional
  • The interconnected alarms to assure one-go-all-go feature - R200S-N, R200S-H, R200ST-N only
  • High decibel alarm (no need for caps)
  • Automatic self-test
  • Do not disturb mode at night (Smoke)

Technical Properties

Product description

Heat and Smoke Alarm Interconnected Eastern Europe

Language option

Package and manual in: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Romanian

Colour white