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WalkBy Data Collector for C and S mode

Product Description

The E53205 is an electronic device for heat cost allocation on the basis of share of heat output by radiators.The E53205S and C have improved and extended wireless properties. It is available as compact and remote sensor variant. The electronic heat cost allocator E53205 has been designed for decentralised use. Values are measured by two temperature sensors (radiator and room air temperature). During operation the actual difference in temperature between ambient temperature and radiator temperature is determined. These measured values are used as basis for calculation of the consumption calculation. The main area of application is in central heating systems where heating energy is used individually by different consumers. The electronic heat cost allocator is operated as 2-sensor measuring system with product and unit scale. The E53205 is the successor model to the E43205. Communication with actual software versions of the HMA Suite and ACT46 is possible without restrictions. In S mode (Walk-By & AMR), the E53205 is 100% compatible to the E43205. In C-mode (Walk-By & OMS) the wireless capacities and ranges have been significantly improved compared to the E43205 in S-mode.

Such systems are used in e.g.

  • Apartment buildings
  • Offices and administration buildings

Typical users are

  • Meter reading service companies
  • Housing industry and housing associations
  • Building service companies and property management

The heat cost allocator can be used for the following types of radiator:

  • Ribbed radiators
  • Tubular radiators
  • Panel-type radiators with horizontal and vertical water flow
  • Radiators with internal tube register
  • Convectors