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Speed controlled compact booster unit with a vertical high-pressure pump as a safety device to separate potable water from category 5 fluids accord...

Product Description

Speed controlled compact booster unit with a vertical high-pressure pump as a safety device to separate potable water from category 5 fluids according to EN 1717 .
Fully automatic, fully wired Compact Booster Unit with modular design comprising a single pump system and a buffer tank for the hygienic separation of potable water and category 5 fluids according to DIN EN 1717, on a common base frame. The modular design makes it possible to disconnect modules for installation in buildings with limited space. The system is switched on and off regulated by pressure, the flow rate is controlled via frequency inverter.

Technical Properties

Consists of The Compact Booster Unit consists of the following modules, that can be disassembled (for example for transport purposes)
  • Speed-controlled compact buster unit with: a normal sucking, vertical high-pressure rotary pump with all components in contact with the medium made of stainless steel; Check valve; Shut-off valve on the inlet and outlet sides; Diaphragm expansion vessel on the outlet side as vessel; Pressure sensor on the pressure side; Vibration damper between pump and base frame; Pressure gauge display; Shut-off valve, lockable; Piping made of stainless steel; The system is connected to the installation pipeline with G1 1/4", G2" or G2 1/2" (depending on version) ; Base frame made of coated steel
  • Self-cooled frequency converter adapted on the motor
  • Buffer tank made of polyethylene with: Non-circular, free overflow according to DIN EN 13077, Type AB; Drainage connection DN 150 (nozzles) with integrated siphon trap; Tank volume according to DIN 1988-500 or individual approved; Potable water backfeed via floating valve, suitable for potable water
  • Switch cabinet consists of: Power supply connection via 3/N/PE, AC 400V, 50Hz; LED, green for normal function, yellow for warning, red for alarm and description text in the Display, Terminal strip/clamps with labels for all connections; Plug connectors to connect easily with the electrical equip-ment fitted to the supply container.
  • Messages sent via potential-free contact for alarms, warnings and pump run indicator
Max. media temperature 30 oC
Max. ambient temperature 40 oC
Volumetric flow 24 m3/h
Pump Single
Pumping height 60 m
Additional Descriptions
  • Pre-assembled, ready for installation
  • No risk of microbial contamination due to hygienic separation of potable water from non-potable water
  • Flow rate regulation per frequency inverter
  • Easy installation due to modular construction and draining with integrated siphon trap
  • Reliable operation due to buffer tank with usable volume according to EN 806-2