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Product Description

The EW535M0056 IZAR PORT PULSE offers the possibility to connect resource meters with pulse output to an M-Bus network (transformation of pulses to M-Bus protocol).

It is suitable for all meter types with pulse transmitter, open collector or current loop (S0) output.

Technical Properties

Ambient temperature 0 ... 60 oC
Maximum humidity 70 %rh

Grey rail mount housing with fuse profile made of heat resistant plastic 

  • Two independent pulse counters
  • Configuration via M-Bus interface or optical ZVEI interface using HYDROPORT software
  • Physical unit and medium programmable for each input
  • Pulse divisor programmable for each input
  • Power supply via M-Bus, battery supply to continue pulse counting if M-Bus fails
  • External power supply input for connecting meters with current loop (S0) output
Cable length 1,5 m
Weight 150 g
Product description