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Braukmann V135 Diverting and Mixing Valve

Braukmann V135 Diverting and Mixing Valve

Product Description

The V135 is a three-way mixing or diverting valve for hot water heating systems. It is typically used with a T100R or T100RS thermostat for hot water control applications, e.g. temperature control of underfloor heating systems.

Technical Properties

Nominal pressure PN16
Close off pressure with 90N motor 10 bar
Media temp. -10 ... 120 oC
Flow char. linear
Materials Valve housing made of red bronze; valve insert made of brass and plastic with EPDM O-rings and soft seals; handwheel cap made of white plastic; union-nuts and tailpieces made of brass
Valve type 3-way mixing/diverting valve
Action stem extension opens A-AB
Stroke 2 mm
Additional Descriptions
  • Balanced valve insert for high differential pressure resi-stance
  • Small stroke with high kv-value
  • Robust red bronze valve housing
  • Handwheel cap supplied with valve
  • Upper spindle sealing can be replaced under system pressure
Max. operating pressure 16 bar


Product Type DN size
Port connection
Connection diameter
Kvs value
V135B with internal threads

15 mm internal threads G 1/2 inch 2,8

20 mm internal threads G 3/4 inch 3,2

25 mm internal threads G1 inch 5

32 mm internal threads G1 1/4 inch 5
V135C with external threads

15 mm external threads R 1/2 inch 2,8

20 mm external threads R 3/4 inch 3,2

25 mm external threads R1 inch 5

32 mm external threads R1 1/4 inch 5

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Valve insert V135A-1/2VE  
Valve insert V135A-1VE  
Valve insert V135A-11/2VE  
With R1/2" immersion pocket Setting range 10...50C (50...122F) T100R-AA  
With R1/2" immersion pocket Setting range 30...70C (86...158F) T100R-AB  
With R1/2" screw in sensor Setting range 10...50C (50...122F) T100RS-DA  
With R1/2" screw in sensor Setting range 30...70C (86...158F) T100RS-DB