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Smile Controller with connectable terminal strips for control panel installation

Product Description

Microprocessor controller with fixed hard- and software. Configuration with 15 sets of parameters. Remote access with App and Gateway.

For all Heating and District Heating applications with:

  • direct heating circuit and/or mixed heating circuit(s)
  • boiler burner
  • domestic hot water
  • heat exchanger valve

Technical Properties

Control software the software application can be selected, by keying in a planttype code, and can be adjusted with parameters; or use no code number and configure the application with the parametersets only
Heating circuit 2x: mixing valve + pump; pump
Modes of operation heating without time program, eco, summer, manu, auto
Domestic Hot Water loading pump
Additional output 2 variable
Time program heating with own week clock, DHW with own week clock, 15 vacation periods
Burner output 1/2 stages
Hardware outputs

all outputs are relay outputs with a maximum contact load of 2A 250V

  • the standard relay outputs are for pumps and valves, and are controlled from the selected application; mixing valves need 2 output relays
  • the function for the additional relay outputs can be set with parameters
Hardware inputs 12 (3 var.)
Applicable sensor types NTC 20 kohm
Bus system description
  • Honeywell Home bus sytem for max. 5 SMILE controllers, and 3 setpoint units per controller; max. buslength 100 m; the controller can also be used as stand-alone controller.
  • OpenTherm for all models, except SDC3-40..
Protection class IP30
Max. ambient temperature 50 oC
ErP Class VI
Power supply 230 Vac | 5.8 VA
Batteries included 3VLi
Additional Descriptions One of the hardware inputs is for a pulse contact. This can be used for example for counting running hours. With parametersettings the amount of counted pulses can be used for switching pumps or boilers.