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Braukmann Automatic air vent, E121

Braukmann Automatic air vent, E121

Product Description

The E121 air vent is a reliable automatic venting device and is suitable for venting of air or gas from heating systems or heat process installations.

Technical Properties

Product description


Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Port connection external threads
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
Max. media temperature 110 oC

Brass housing and lid, high-grade, heat-resistant synthetic material float, heat-resistant elastomer seal components

Additional Descriptions
  • With the Z 121 A shut-off valve fitted, cleaning or replacement of the seal and inner components can be carried out without draining the system


Product Type Port diameter

G 3/8 inch

G 1/2 inch

Accessories and replacement parts

Service parts

Image Description Product Type Downloads
Shut-off valve, packing unit 12 pcs, for connection size 3/8" Z121-3/8  
Shut-off valve, packing unit 12 pcs, for connection size 1/2" Z121-1/2  
Air vent cap with float, packing unit 54 pcs, threaded connection 44x19, min. installation depth for float 46mm X121-AA