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Product Description

HS74CA combination water supply units integrate pressure reducing valve, reverse rinsing fine filter, non-return valve, and automatic reverse rinsing actuator in one appliance. Therefore, these units comprise all armatures needed for private water supply systems and ensure continuous supply of filtered water. The pressure reducing valve prevents overpressure damage and reduces water consumption. The fine filter stops the ingress of foreign bodies. The non-return valve protects the mains water system. The automatic reverse rinsing actuator operates with batteries, therefore, there is no need for a bus bar in the area of the water supply. It is responsible for the fully automatic cleaning of the fine filter. All individual units correspond to the requirements of current DIN/DVGW specifications.

Technical Properties

Approvals DIN/DVGW for filter combination FK74C and for non-return valve RV277
Media water
DN size 20 mm
Port connection external threads
Port diameter 3/4 inch
Mounting position horizontal or vertical
Nominal pressure PN16
Outlet pressure 1,5 ... 6 bar
Max. media temperature 30 oC
Flow capacity Kvs 5,5
Body material synthetic material
Spring bonnet material synthetic material
Filter mesh 200 micron
Transparant strainer chamber Yes
Balanced seat design Yes
Filter type reverse rinsing
Reverse rinsing with filtered water Yes
Integrated non-return device Yes
Additional Descriptions
  • Inlet pressure compensation - fluctuating inlet pressures do not influence outlet pressure
  • Battery-operated automatic reverse rinsing actuator, acoustic signal when battery is running low; reverse rinsing can also be activated manually
  • Patented reverse rinsing system - fast and thorough cleaning of the filter with small amount of water
  • Filtered water supplied even during reverse rinsing
  • Owing to its short construction length it is also suitable for limited space