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Actuator thermoelectric 4.0 mm effective stroke, 90N, on/off

Product Description

M100 actuators thermoelectric, 4.0 mm effective stroke, 90N, on/off.   

Technical Properties

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Connection of accessories side connections
Max. delta P 400 kPa
Pre-setting Yes
Media temp. -10 ... 120 oC

Valve housing made of dezincification-resistant brass; Sealings made of EPDM; SafeConTM pressure test valves made of brass; Handwheel with scale and Cover cap made of plastic 

Place in installation return
Valve Control function Pressure Independent PICV
Automatic balancing support Yes
  • Automatic balancing of differential pressure
  • Precise pressure independent flow performance
  • Highest energy saving potential due to efficient energy transfer and minimised pump speed
  • Integrated measuring possibility to find the optimal setpoint for the pump
  • Reduced movements of actuators as pressure fluctuation do not influence the required temperature
  • No complex calculation needed for selection
  • No balancing method needed for commissioning
  • Wide range of application
  • Sizes DN15 up to DN250
  • Various versions to support standard flow rates as well as low flow and high flow needs
  • Covers two functions in one valve which reduces mounting costs
  • Easy commissioning
  • Presetting with visual flow scale at the valve
  • Presetting by hand without the need of tools
  • Presetting possible even when the system is running and an actuator is already mounted
  • Can balance a system even if only some parts of a building are in operation
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Emergency shut-off function with plastic cap not for permanent use
  • Measuring possibility for problematic applications
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