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Wiring terminals cover for drivers of the TF series BACnet controllers

Product Description

The TF Series BACnet Communicating Controllers controls fan coil units (FCU) to create a comfortable environment. These controllers communicate via BACnet MS/TP interface and can be easily integrated into a BACnet network. The TF series thermostat adopts a two-piece structure, and is made out of two devices: driver and wall module. The driver provides the control algorithm, inputs/outputs and the BACnet communication interface. The wall module is a the user inter-face which provides the LCD display and a keypad for setup and operation of the controller. The TF Series Communicating Controllers can be used for the following applications:

  • 2-pipe, On/Off valve, 3-speed fan
  • 4-pipe, On/Off valve, 3-speed fan
  • 2-pipe, 0-10Vdc modulating valve, 3-speed fan
  • Ventilation only

Technical Properties

  • CE
  • BTL
Protection class


Additional Descriptions
  • Auto Cycle times 100,000 times
  • Ambient storage limits -30 ~ +65C
  • Humidity limits 5% RH to 95% RH. Non-condensing.
  • Protection against electric shock class Class I
  • Electronic control software class A
  • Rated Impulse Voltage: 2500V
  • Action type 1
  • Pollution degree 2
  • BACnet Interface EIA-485(BACnet MS/TP)
Temperature control accuracy +/- 0.5 oC
Ambient temp. limit

-10~ +48C 

Power supply



-9.5C to 48C