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Product Description

TM300 thermostatic mixing valves provide control of the water temperature and are used: - For centralised control on hot water supply units or for localised control adjacent to point-use outlets. Or for use with solar-heated hot water units with dual energy source. - In heating systems with underfloor heating or for limiting boiler return temperatures. Where a system includes a hot water circulation circuit, a KB191 return flow retarder unit (see accessories) must be fitted to prevent cold water backfeeding and cooling the mixed water at the outlets.

Technical Properties

Media Water
Port connection coupling compressing fitting
Max. media temperature 90 oC
Temp. setpoint range 30 ... 60 oC
Body material brass
Additional Descriptions
  • Highly sensitive thermal element with good all-round water temperature sensing, even at low flow rates
  • Simple setting of the required water temperature
  • Scald protection - the hot water inlet is automatically cut off if the cold supply fails provided that the hot water inlet temperature is at least 10 K higher than that of mixed water setting
  • The cold water inlet is automatically cut off if the hot supply fails
  • Inner components are of scale-resistant materials
  • With inlet check valves