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Kombi-TRV is a pressure independent thermostatic radiator valve, designed to be fitted on the supply of radiators in two-pipe heating systems with medium flow rates...

Product Description

Therafix-Kombi, left, white, for radiators with 1/2" internal thread, soft sealing, for G 3/4" Euroconus pipe fittings

Technical Properties

  • EN215
  • Keymark
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
DN size 15 mm
Body-head connection M30 x 1,5
Heat exchanger connection 1/2 inch
Nominal pressure PN10
Pre-setting Yes
Media temp. 2 ... 90 oC
Minimum flow 10 l/h
Maximum flow (qs) 160 l/h

Brass, Stainless steel, Cu, EPDM, PBT, PP

  • Flow rate easily adjustable by standard wrench size 7 or a special setting key (see Accessories)
  • Integrated differential pressure controller
  • Standard dimensions according to EN 215
  • Kombi-TRV valves are compatible with Honeywell Home radiator thermostats with M30 x 1.5 Connection, Honeywell Home MT4 actuators, Honeywell Home M5410 2-point actuators, Honeywell Home HR types of Home and Roomtronic actuators or Honeywell Home M4410E/K and M7410E5001 modulating actuators
  • The valve insert can be replaced while the system is operating and without draining using the service tool (see Accessories)
  • Valve housing and insert does not fit to Honeywell Home AT Concept design
Closing dimension 11,5 mm
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
pH-range 8 ... 9,5