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Detects smoke created by slow burning or smoldering combustion such as PVC wiring, carpeting or foam filling of furniture. Slightly less sensitive to fairly flaming fires. Applicable in every room in the house, garage and near kitchens, not in kitchens due to sensitivity to smoke.

Product Description

Detectors X-Series are used for detection of smoke and heat in residential building. Can be used also in garages, halls and in boiler rooms. 

Technical Properties


The alarm detectors also comply with the following standards: RoHS, REACH, EMCBSI Kite (BS5446-2: 2003), CE EN 14604: 2005 / AC: 2008 

Ambient temperature -10 ... 55 oC
Additional Descriptions
  • Intelligent algorithm combines optical and heat detection for increased detection speed across a broad range of fires, producing less false alarms (XS100T)
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Loud 85dB audible alarm , with reduced volume test mode
  • Ten Year Lifespan and Warranty
  • Automatic Self-adjustment / Self Checks
  • Sealed housing to protect from adverse environmental conditions with IPX2D rating
  • Clearly visible status indication LEDs: Power, Alarm, Fault
  • 3V Lithium battery, included
  • Simple "click" mounting on ceiling or wall with mounting plate.
Mounting place ceiling + wall
Housing (dia x D) 116 | 42 mm
Installed weight 185 g
Maximum humidity 93 %rh