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Three-way control valve PN16, flat sealing DN15-50, V5013E

Three-way control valve PN16, flat sealing DN15-50, V5013E

Product Description

For heating, ventilating and air conditioning, open circuits; hot/cold water quality VDI2035.

Technical Properties

Valve series V5013E
Valve type 3-way mixing
Medium type water
Media temp. 2 ... 170 oC
Flow char. mod.equal%
Nominal pressure PN16
Action to open stem down
Materials body brass, stem stainless steel, plug brass
Stroke 20 mm
Port connection ext. thread flat sealing


Product Type DN size
Kvs value
Close off pressure with 600N motor
Close off pressure with 1800N motor
Connection diameter
20 mm

15 mm 2,5 1600 kPa G1 1/8 inch

15 mm 4 1600 kPa G1 1/8 inch

20 mm 6,3 1600 kPa G1 1/4 inch

25 mm 10 1000 kPa 1600 kPa G1 1/2 inch

32 mm 16 700 kPa 1600 kPa G2 inch

40 mm 25 460 kPa 1500 kPa G2 1/4 inch

50 mm 40 260 kPa 850 kPa G2 3/4 inch

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Internal threaded fitting for DN15 valve, pipe size Rp1/2" AC-15TF  
Internal threaded fitting for DN20 valve, pipe size Rp 3/4" AC-20TF  
Internal threaded fitting for DN25 valve, pipe size Rp 1" AC-25TF  
Internal threaded fitting for DN32 valve, pipe size Rp 1 1/4" AC-32TF  
Internal threaded fitting for DN40 valve, pipe size Rp 1 1/2" AC-40TF  
Internal threaded fitting for DN50 valve, pipe size Rp 2" AC-50TF