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RF AMR / Walk-By S-Mode

Product Description

The EWA600 add-on modules are intended to retrofit the basic HON EW600AC... compact heat meters for use in the HON Walk-By and HON AMR systems. These add-on module receive the data from the EW600 heat meters and transmits them within these Walk-By or AMR readout system. The add-on module is equipped with an optical interface for parameter setting. Add-on radio modules of the type EWA600C-RF04 are part of the Q AMR system. Add-on radio modules of the type EWA600C-RF05 are part of the Q Walk-By system. 

Technical Properties

  • CE
  • Acquisition of the heat measurement data from the heat meter and/or arithmetic unit
  • Acquisition of the cooling energy measurement data for combined heat and cold metering
  • Storage of consumption data and Due date values
  • Readout via radio and transmission of the consumption values to a readout unit without direct access to the device
  • One add-on radio module is required per EW600 compact heat meter
Product description

EW600 RF Retrofit Module, S 5.5