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Strainer with double mesh strainer, brass housingA = Mesh size approx. 0.35 mm

Product Description

FY30 strainers are used in commercial and industrial applications within the limits of their specifications. They protect systems against malfunction and corrosion damage resulting from the ingress of foreign bodies such as welding beads, sealing materials, metal cuttings and rust etc. This extends the life of the downstream system and prevents early failure.

Technical Properties


Water, oil, compressed air and other non-aggressive mediums

DN size 15 mm
Port connection internal threads
Port diameter 1/2 inch
Zeta value 9,2
Mounting position horizontal or vertical
Max. media temperature 160 oC
Body material brass, dezincification resistant
Filter mesh 0,35 mm
Additional Descriptions
  • Low flow resistance because of good dynamic flow design of body
  • Brass and stainless steel construction gives good corrosion resistance
  • Two different mesh sizes available
  • Sieves are interchangeable
  • Large strainer mesh surface area provides high dirt acceptance capacity
  • Sieve carrier ensures good sealing within housing
  • Easy removal of sieve for cleaning