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Product Description

Fully automatic, ready-for-connection compact booster unit in modulating installation consisting of a tank, free outlet Typ AB and vertical high pump head.

For separation of drinking water and liquids of category 5 according to DIN EN 1717. The modular design makes it possible to disconnect modules for installation in buildings with limited space. The membrane pressure vessel approved for drinking water positioned on the pressure side as control tank, direct flow in accordance with DIN 4807-5.

Technical Properties

Max. ambient temperature 40 oC
Volumetric flow 8 m3/h
Pump Single
Pumping height 76 m
Additional Descriptions
  • Corrosion resistant by use of high-quality stainless steel
  • Compact design, space-saving
  • Highest protection level for category 5 fluids
  • Easy and quick commissioning because of preassembled, ready for installation and tested unit
  • No risk of microbial contamination due to hygienic separation of drinking water from non-drinking water
  • Hygienically non-hazardous materials acc. UBA, KTW and W270
  • Design base plate
  • Switch on is pressure-dependent, Switch off is flowdependent
  • Visualisation of functions/disturbance by LED's
  • Reset-function
Liquid category (EN1717) class 5

Industrial water, Cooling water, Liquids which do not attack the materials chemically and mechanically. Max. +30 C

Protection class


Max. operating pressure 8 bar
Thermal charge


Power 1,5 kW
Actuator Type

1-Phase-alternating current (AC) motor