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Kombi-F Balancing Valve, Partner valve for V5001PF, for connection of included impulse tube, to extend measuring possibilities and to do a mass flow limitation on supply side, DN65

Product Description

The hydronic balance is a significant requirement for the efficient operation of a hydronic heating or cooling installation. In an unbalanced system under or over provision of hot water to individual radiators or circuits can occur.

Apart from the correct selection of radiator valves, regulation of individual circuits is also necessary and in some cases, such as in DIN 18380, VOB part C, required by national standards. This requirement is met with Kombi-F-II and Kombi-F shutoff and balancing valves. Kombi-F-II and Kombi-F have functions shut-off, presetting and measuring.

  • Balancing through stroke limitation with digital pre-setting and visible pre-setting indicator
  • Equipped with 2 pressure test cocks for differential pres-sure measurement (DN25...DN400)
  • Non rising spindle with EDD (double sealing system)
  • Pre-setting isn`t altered when handwheel is turned
  • Stroke limitation-screw protected by protection cap
  • PTFE-seat sealing
  • Spindle made of stainless steel
  • Valve body made of corrosion resistant cast iron
  • Available in dimensions up to DN400

Technical Properties

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
DN size 65 mm
Port connection flanges
Connection of accessories side connections
Pre-setting Yes
Media temp. -10 ... 120 oC
Kvs value 74,4
Body pattern straight
Materials Valve housing made of cast iron GG25, painted blue; Valve insert made of stainless steel with seat sealing made of PTFE; Pressure test cocks made of brass; DN15-50: Handwheel made of black plastic (Grivory GV5H), DN65 and higher: handwheel made of steel, painted black; Fairing made of plastic, black
Place in installation return
Position indication Digital display of pre-setting. Value changes when handwheel is turned.
Measuring support Yes
Valve Control function Double Regulating, static balancing DRV
More Information
Max. operating pressure 16 bar