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Balanced motorized 2-port or 3-port hydronic valves

Product Description

Balanced motorized 2-port or 3-port hydronic valves
  • Suitable actuators are listed in product group 'VC Series Motorized Zone Valves - Actuators'

Honeywell VC Series balanced 2-position hydronic valves are used in domestic and small commercial heating and cooling applications to control the flow of hot and/or cold water. They consist of an actuator, valve and a cartridge assembly

Technical Properties

Port diameter 1 inch
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Port connection internal threads
Maximum operating pressure 20 bar
Max. differential pressure for close-off 4 bar
Media temp. 1 ... 95 oC
Materials Valve housing made of red bronze, cartridge made of plastic with stainless steel spindle
Valve type 2-way
Kvs value 6