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Fan coil controller TIREE, T6580

Fan coil controller TIREE, T6580

Fan-coil controller with built in room sensor

Product Description

Fan-coil controller with built in room sensor
For on/off P+I control of valves, fan and auxiliary electric heater. Models available for 2 or 2/4 pipe systems.
  • heating/cooling sequence with auxiliary electric heater (water sensor required)
  • electric heater / cooling sequence
  • ventilation only
  • auto changeover (water sensor or external contact required)
  • freeze protection (if window contact activated)

Technical Properties

Mounting directly on wall, wall box or fan-coil chassis
Protection class IP30
Manual operation functions room setpoint; fan speed auto/off/low/med/high
Input signal optional return air room sensor, water sensor, setback contact for energy saving, window contact and changeover contact
Temp. setpoint range 10 ... 30 oC
Control output signal triacs (230V 0,8A) on/off or PWM for heating- and cooling valve, switches (230V 1,25A inrush 3A) for fan (3-speed) and heater
Power supply 230 Vac | 5 VA
Housing (HxWxD) 88 mm | 118 mm | 31 mm
Terminal max. wire size 2,5 mm2
Product literature language controller supplied with installation instructions in English, French, Italian, Spanish


Product Type Product description

Fan Coil controller for 2/4 pipe systems. With push buttons for changeover, comfort/economy and indication LED; adjustable dead band for heat/cool sequence operation; Installer Set Up routine for parameter settings

Fan Coil controller Lite. For 2-pipe systems. Only on/off outputs.

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Return air room temperature sensor NTC10k RFCA-SR10