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Caleffi - valves 3/8" and 1/2" (10 pieces in one pack)

Product Description

HR92 is an electronic radiator controller with a modern design. Because of the wireless communication with a frequency of 868 MHz the controller can be easily integrated in heating systems such as evohome to control the room temperature.

Many operating settings (parameters) can be set

  • The local language can be selected
  • Backlight of the display on / off
  • Change in the sensitivity of the Window response time
  • The valve lift
  • Correct temperature deviations (temperature Offset)
  • Auto window function or external window contact

Energy saving features

  • The heating valve closes with the auto-window function when the room is ventilated. Optionally, the HR92 with the externally wired window contact HCA30 (Connection via cable ACS90)