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Product Description

The mobile backflow preventer BFW112-65AC in accordance with DIN 14346 is connected to existing standpipes or pillar hydrants to draw water for fire Fighting from the pipeline network.

It prevents water from flowing back into the drinking water supply network as a result of back siphonage or back pressure, if the pressure in the supply network is lower than in the fire hose. In addition, pressure surges do not pass into the network, which helps to prevent burst pipes.

Technical Properties


TZW - declaration of conformity according to DIN 14346


Drinking water/quench water

Liquid category (EN1717) class 4
Mounting position horizontal
Max. media temperature 65 oC
Additional Descriptions
  • Protection against incorrect assembly through the unique, cleverly shaped handle
  • Minimum requirement of space in the fire truck due to the compact design
  • Easy maintenance and service through the use of only two internal parts. Maintenance and service can be carried out quickly and easily by the fire brigades themselves
  • Meets all requirements according to DIN 14346 - confirmed by the independent testing institute DVGWTechnologiezentrum Wasser
  • Due to the clean axial water outlet in the direction of the hose instead of the usual, sharp radial water outlet in the event of pressure fluctuations, the operator remains dry and ice formation at the water extraction point is minimized in winter
  • Low pressure drop, high flow
  • Handle, can be used as a hose coupling wrench
  • Low weight
  • Safe operation
  • Aluminium interior parts
  • Protects pipes against pressure surges
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stone trap on the inlet side
Maximum inlet pressure 16 bar
Weight 2,7 kg

Housing: Aluminium