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Product Description

The V135 is a three-way mixing or diverting valve for hot water heating systems. It is typically used with a T100R or T100RS thermostat for hot water control applications, e.g. temperature control of underfloor heating systems.

Technical Properties

DN size 15 mm
Port connection internal threads
Connection diameter G 1/2 inch
Nominal pressure PN16
Close off pressure with 90N motor 10 bar
Media temp. -10 ... 120 oC
Kvs value 2,8
Flow char. linear
Materials Valve housing made of red bronze; valve insert made of brass and plastic with EPDM O-rings and soft seals; handwheel cap made of white plastic; union-nuts and tailpieces made of brass
Valve type 3-way mixing/diverting valve
Action stem extension opens A-AB
Stroke 2 mm
Additional Descriptions
  • Balanced valve insert for high differential pressure resi-stance
  • Small stroke with high kv-value
  • Robust red bronze valve housing
  • Handwheel cap supplied with valve
  • Upper spindle sealing can be replaced under system pressure
Max. operating pressure 16 bar