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Braukmann V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED Fixed Orifice Measuring Valve

Braukmann V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED Fixed Orifice Measuring Valve

Shut-off valve with measuring support for supply mains and branches....

Product Description

Shut-off valve with measuring support for supply mains and branches. To be used in combination with a V5010 Kombi-3-plus BLUE double-regulating balancing valve in the return. Together with a V5012 Kombi-DP diaphragm unit the Kombi-3-plus can be upgraded to an automatic balancing valve even after the system has been taken into commission and under system pressure.

  • •The hydronic balance is a significant requirement for the efficient operation of a hydronic heating or cooling installation. In an unbalanced system under or over provision of hot water to individual radiators or circuits can occur. Apart from the correct selection of radiator valves, regulation of individual circuits is also necessary and in some cases, such as in DIN 18 380, VOB part C, required by national standards. This requirement is met with Kombi-3-plus Series balancing valves.
  • •The V5000 Kombi-3-plus RED is a fixed orifice measuring valve for the supply with additional functions shutoff, draining and filling.

Water-based heating and cooling systems.

Technical Properties

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Connection of accessories through spindle
Nominal pressure PN16
Body pattern Y-pattern

Valve housing made of red bronze, Valve insert made of brass with seat sealing made of PTFE, O-rings and soft seals made of EPDM, Brass connection nut, Handwheel, pre-setting dial and display made of plastic, red and white.

Place in installation supply
Valve Control function Value not available
Automatic balancing support Yes
Draining/filling support Yes
More Information
Additional description

Medium temp. water-glycol mixture -20 ...110C (-4...230F)

General features
  • All functions of the Kombi-3-plus valves can be installed through the spindle
  • Combination of Kombi-3-plus RED and BLUE allows measuring in the supply and pre-setting in the return at the same time
  • Robust valve body made of corrosion resistant red bronze
  • Availabe in sizes up to DN80
  • Maintenance free spindle with double O-ring sealings
  • PTFE-seat sealing


Product Type DN size
Port connection
Port diameter
Kvs value
Media temp.
V5000Y Kombi-3-plus RED fixed orifice measuring valve with internal threads to DIN 2999 (ISO 7) on inlet and outlet

10 mm internal threads Rp 3/8 inch 1,5 -20 ... 130 oC

15 mm internal threads Rp 1/2 inch 2,5 -20 ... 130 oC

20 mm internal threads Rp 3/4 inch 4,5 -20 ... 130 oC

25 mm internal threads Rp 1 inch 6,5 -20 ... 130 oC

32 mm internal threads Rp 1 1/4 inch 13 -20 ... 130 oC

40 mm internal threads Rp 1 1/2 inch 20 -20 ... 130 oC

50 mm internal threads Rp 2 inch 35 -20 ... 130 oC

65 mm internal threads Rp 2 1/2 inch 42 -20 ... 110 oC

80 mm internal threads Rp 3 inch 68 -20 ... 110 oC
V5000X Kombi-3-plus RED fixed orifice measuring valve with external threads to DIN ISO 228 on inlet and outlet

10 mm external threads G 5/8 A inch 1,5 -20 ... 130 oC

15 mm external threads G 3/4 A inch 2,5 -20 ... 130 oC

20 mm external threads G 1 A inch 4,5 -20 ... 130 oC

25 mm external threads G 1 1/4 A inch 6,5 -20 ... 130 oC

32 mm external threads G 1 1/2 A inch 13 -20 ... 130 oC

40 mm external threads G 1 3/4 A inch 20 -20 ... 130 oC

50 mm external threads G 2 3/8 A inch 35 -20 ... 130 oC

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
External presetting device for installation between Kombi-Diaphragm Unit and impulse tube, for V5012C0103 only (not with VA2504A001) VA2503A001  
12 mm, for valves DN10 VA5530A010  
28 mm, for valves DN25 VA5530A025  
35 mm, for valves DN32 VA5530A032  
42 mm, for valves DN40 VA5530A040  
54 mm, for valves DN50 VA5530A050  
15 mm, for valves DN15 VA5530A015  
22 mm, for valves DN20 VA5530A020  
for valves DN10 VA5540A010  
for valves DN25 VA5540A025  
for valves DN32 VA5540A032  
for valves DN40 VA5540A040  
for valves DN50 VA5540A050  
3/8, for valves DN10 VA5500A010  
1, for valves DN25 VA5500A025  
1 1/4, for valves DN32 VA5500A032  
1 1/2, for valves DN40 VA5500A040  
2, for valves DN50 VA5500A050  
1/2, for valves DN15 VA5500A015  
3/4, for valves DN20 VA5500A020  
1, for valves DN25 VA5090A025  
1 1/4, for valves DN32 VA5090A032  
1 1/2, for valves DN40 VA5090A040  
2, for valves DN50 VA5090A050  
Sealing ring for pressure cap, for valves DN10 VA5090A010  
Sealing ring for pressure cap for valves DN15 (1/2") VA5090A015  
Sealing ring for pressure cap for valves DN20 (3/4") VA5090A020  
Handwheel screw for all sizes. VS2000A010  
for valves DN15 VA5540A015  
for valves DN20 VA5540A020  
Insulation shells for valve DN15 VA2510C015  
Insulation shells for valve DN20 VA2510C020  
Insulation shells for valve DN25 VA2510C025  
Insulation shells for valve DN32 VA2510C032  
Insulation shells for valve DN40 VA2510C040  
Insulation shells for valve DN50 VA2510C050  
Draining Adapter for all types and sizes VA3400A001  
Tamper-proof cap for valves DN15...DN25 VA2501A010  
Tamper-proof cap for valves DN32...DN50 VA2501A032  
Pressure measuring set VA3502A001  
BasicMes-2 handheld measuring Computer. Computer is supplied with case and accessories. VM242A0101  
Spring to reduce differential pressure presetting for diaphragm unit 0.1 - 0.3 bar VA2502A001