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Actuator thermoelectric, 4.0 mm effective stroke, 90N, on/off, power supply 230 V, normally closed

Product Description

Zone controller for underfloor heating with Radio Frequency bi-directional communication (868,3 MHz). The basic configuration is for 5 zones. With the submodule HCS80 expandable to 8 zones. For room temperature setpoint setting without time program apply the HCW82 wall module. For individual zoning control with time program up to 12 zones use evohome multi zoning controller ATC928G which can also control the heating system via smartphone APP.
  • 2 push button operation
  • configuration switch for thermoactuators normally open/closed
  • error display via blinking zone LED
  • status display for valve open = green zone LED on
  • RF communication check
  • up to 3 controllers can be connected to 1 antenna, external HRA80 or internal antenna

Technical Properties

Supply voltage 230 Vac
Power loss action stem extends
Stroke 2,5 mm
Runtime 4 min
Control software self learning fuzzy logic room temperature control
Initial current 0,4 A
Cable length 1 m
ErP Class VIII
Hardware inputs
  • connection for external antenna HRA80
  • heating/cooling contact
Hardware outputs
  • 5 outputs for max. 15 actuators (max. 3 actuators per zone) MT4-230
  • output for pump control
  • for HCE80, HCC80: analog output for boiler feedback (MCR40, MCR200, Panther, Tiger, Smile, ZG252)
  • for HCE80R, HCC80R: relay output (potential free contact 42 V for boiler control)
Mounting DIN-rail or wall
Power supply 230 Vac, 50Hz, 1750 VA with connected pump (max. 6 A)
Type of terminals removable connectors with clip contact