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The Veramax is a presettable radiator lockshield valve for the supply or return of radiators or heat exchangers....

Product Description

V2440 Veramax lockshields are used at the supply or return of heat exchangers in hydronic cooling and heating systems requiring high flow rates. They have the following functions:

  • Shut-off: by closing the valve the flow through the heat exchanger is shut-off
  • Presetting: the flow through the heat exchanger can be throttled to meet system requirements

V2440 Veramax lockshields are suitable for hot water or low pressure steam heating systems and cold water cooling systems.

Technical Properties

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
DN size 15 mm
Port connection internal threads
Body pattern angle
Connection diameter 1/2 inch
Nominal pressure PN16
Pre-setting Yes
Media temp. -10 ... 130 oC
Ambient temperature 0 ... 50 oC
Kvs value 7


  • For heating and cooling systems with high water flow rates
  • Presetting and shut-off with one valve
  • Optional flow direction. Performance values apply for both directions
  • Quiet operation with low-noise design of the regulating plunger
  • Standard dimensions DN15 and DN20 per EN215 D-series, plus DN25 straight version
  • DN15 and DN20 straight versions with external threads
  • Nickel plated valve bodies
  • Nickel plated protection cap
  • Nominal pressure rating PN16
Place in installation return
Measuring support No
Draining/filling support No
pH-range 8 ... 9,5