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HCE20 6 zone heating/cooling floor controller

HCE20 6 zone heating/cooling floor controller

The HCE20 is a wired underfloor heating controller for both heating and cooling...

Product Description

The HCE20 is a wired underfloor heating controller for both heating and cooling.

The controller can control up to six individual temperature zones. For the temperature control of the individual Zones/rooms the OpenTherm room thermostats T4M, T87M and T87HC are used. With the T4M as Zone 1 thermostat it is possible to set also the other zones to an energy saving temperature (ECO function). For example, if the program in the T4M goes the night setting the other zones will also go to a lower temperature. Also with the T4M as zone 1 thermostat the changeover from heating to cooling or vice versa can be made. The heat demand from all the zones is via a fuzzy logic control algorithm converted into general heat demand. An on/off or OpenTherm(R) communicating boiler can controlled with the different outputs. An integrated pump relay ensures that the pump runs when heat is requested from one of the zones. If required, an outdoor and supply water temperature sensor can be connected to control the boiler according to outdoor temperature compensation. Cooling can easily be added via a cooling module. This module has a cooling demand output and a heat/cool changeover input to change the status of the controller (external switch). There is also a separate heating and cooling status output to control the valves in the supply pipes.

Technical Properties

  • ETSI EN 300 220-1
  • EN61000-6-1(2007)
  • EN61000-6-3(2007)
  • EN60730-1(2007)
  • RoHS
  • WEEE
Hardware inputs
  • Zone 1 - 6: OpenTherm(R) or on/off thermostat input
  • Supply water sensor 20K NTC sensor
  • Outdoor sensor 20K NTC sensor
Hardware outputs
  • Zone 1: 3 x 230 V TRIAC (actuator) output
  • Zone 2: 3 x 230 V TRIAC (actuator) output
  • Zone 3: 2 x 230 V TRIAC (actuator) output
  • Zone 4 - 6: 1 x 230 V TRIAC (actuator) output
  • Pump: 230 VAC
  • Heat demand (boiler): OpenTherm(R) on/off relay 230 VAC
  • Cascade link: Option for multiple controllers

wall mounting or can be placed on a standard DIN-rail

Power supply

230 VAC +10, -15 %, 50 Hz

Additional Descriptions
  • dip switches for configuring functionalities
  • cooling function only possible with optional cooling module
  • supply cable included
  • 6 temperature controlled zones with (OpenTherm(R) or on/off) thermostats
  • Max. 4 thermo actuators per zone
  • Integrated 230 V pump relay
  • Boiler control: OpenTherm(R), Integrated potential free relay contact (230 V)
  • Optional Cool module extension: Changeover via Zone 1 thermostat or heat/cool Input, Control of heat or cool demand, Humidity switch input to switch off cooling, Option to switch off cooling for zone 6 (e.g. bathroom)
  • Fast installation, no screws used for wired terminals (except for power and pump)
  • Intelligent Fuzzy Logic algorithme for temperature control when using OpenTherm(R) thermostats
  • LED status indications on cover of controller
Power source

Max. 12 VA

Terminal max. wire size 1,5 mm2
Max. ambient temperature 40 oC


Product Type Description

6 zone heating/cooling floor controller version with English literature

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Cool module HCS20-C  
Thermostat T4M, wired, modulating via OpenTherm output T4H310A3032  
Thermostat with room sensor, wired, 5 - 35 oC, OpenTherm, white T87M2036  
Thermostat with room sensor for heating/cooling, wired, OpenTherm, white T87HC2011