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R200H-N Interconnected Heat Alarm

R200H-N Interconnected Heat Alarm

Product Description

This product is suitable for indoor installation in domestic premises, including static holiday homes and caravans.

  • Battery Power Supplied
  • Fault Indicator Light
  • 10 years service life
  • 10 years warranty

Technical Properties


Honeywell Home heat and smoke alarms are designed for all types of residential property, including leisure accommodation, guest houses and caravans.


  • CE
  • Q label
  • NF
  • SBSC
  • VdS
  • EN 14604:2005 + AC:2008
  • UKCA
  • EN 62368-1:2014
  • Kitemark
  • BS 5446-2:2003
  • B-Mark
RF frequency range 100 m
Protection class


Power supply


Ambient temperature 4 oC
Additional Descriptions
  • Shipping and Storage Temperature (Min) - -20 ˚C
  • Shipping and Storage Temperature (Max) - 55 ˚C
  • Red Fault Indicator Light
Colour white
Mounting place ceiling + wall
Tamperproof cover



Product Type Product description
Language option

Interconnected Heat Alarm Western Europe

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese

Interconnected Heat Alarm Eastern Europe

Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Romanian