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Product Description

The CM721/CM727 thermostat is designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of heating systems in houses and apartments. It can be used as part of a system in conjunction with combi- boilers, oil-burners and gas fired boilers, circulation pumps, thermal actuators, zone valves and electric heat systems (<10A).

The radio frequency controlled CM721/CM727 system pack consists of a room unit CMT721/CMT727 and a relay box R6660D (HC60NG). No wiring to the room unit is required. The installer only needs to wire the relay box to the controlled device (e.g. boiler) and mount the room unit in a suitable location where RF communication is reliable. The CM727 uses reliable RF communication technology in the 868MHz band.

Technical Properties

Control functions

Fuzzy Logic algorithm

Heating /Cooling application H or C
Time setting resolution

time of day - 1 minute, program - each 10 minutes

Holiday mode Yes
Optimisation Yes
Temperature setpoints per day

Up to 4 daily independent time and temperature level changes

Manual operation functions

manual setting and anti-freeze protection

Temp. setpoint range 5 ... 35 oC
Switch function/capacity

24...230V 10A resistive, 3A inductive SPDT relay

RF frequency range 868 ... 868,6 MHz
Blocking immunity

Receiver class 2 (ETSI EN300 220-1 version 1.3.1)

Protection class


Terminal max. wire size 2,5 mm2
Power source

Room unit - battery powered by 2 x AA size (LR6) alkaline cells; Relay box 230 V, 50 Hz

Product literature language


Additional Descriptions
  • Aautomatic change summer/winter time
  • EEPROM memory holds the user program indefinitely
  • Standard room unit and relay box (receiver) are binded in factory
  • Installer Set-Up Mode
  • Operation temperature: 00C to 400C with load <8A; 00C to 300C with load >8A
Default time display format 24 h
Party timer Yes
Day off function Yes