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Actuator 3 point, floating, 90, 10Nm, rotating, floating

Product Description

The Resideo M6061 and M7061 actuators are designed to provide floating control in heating and air conditioning systems. High control performance and a robust design are standard for this actuators.

In combination with the valves DR/ZR/DRU, it is possible to control very exact heating and cooling water temperatures. The mechanical interface between actuator and valve is designed for reliable operation. Actuators with torques from 10 Nm up to 40 Nm are available for a wide range of rotary mixing valves (DN 15 up to DN 150).

Technical Properties

Protection class

IP 54 per EN 60529

Supply voltage 24 Vac
Control input signal 3-pt
Manual operation Yes
Runtime 1,5 min
Torque 10 Nm
Angle of rotation 90 o
End switches optional