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Magnetic Heating Filter

Product Description

The magnetic heating filter is used to filter out contaminants(e.g. sludge, sand, rust, iron particles etc.) that arise from the regular operation of a heating system. Thus, premature wear and failure of the heating system arrising from contaminants can be prevented.

Technical Properties

Medium type water
DN size 22 mm
Max. operating pressure 6 bar
Media temp. 5 ... 90 oC
Kvs value 6,5
Housing material Polyammide filter housing; Glass-fibre reinforced diverter body, ring and magnet housing
Additional description
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Rotatable connection for any installation position
  • Suitable for dosages of 0.5 litres of chemicals
  • Integrated isolation valve, inlet and outlet side
  • Pipe cutter guide