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2-wire with extra power wire (for single-pole on / off switch contact); power supply 24 Vac, 6 VA. With follow-up switch (changeover contact), contact load 24 Vac, 2.2 A.

Product Description

For use in combination boilers and combinations of boilers with hot water appliances (boilers). Motor part is detachable from valve part. Provided with stand indication and manual operation. Intended for 2-position regulation with single-pole on/off switch contact. Control 2-wire with extra power wire (zero). Open A-AB port when energized.

Max. medium pressure 20 bar  

Technical Properties

Max. differential pressure for close-off 4 bar
Media temp. 1 ... 95 oC
Runtime 6 s
Control input signal 2-pt
Additional description
  • Connection cable 1 m (to detach from motor section by means of Molex plug) included
  • Models with clamping couplings are supplied with 3 clamping fittings with clamping rings.