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Connection set Threaded Connections, 1"

Product Description

According EN 806-2 pressure reducing valves of this type protect household water installations against excessive pressure from the supply.

They can also be used for industrial or commercial applications within the range of their specification. By installing a pressure reducing valve, pressurisation damage is avoided and water consumption is reduced. The set pressure is also maintained constant, even when there is wide inlet pressure fluctuation. Reduction of the operating pressure and maintaining it at a constant level minimizes flow noise in the installation. Check valves of this type are particularly suitable for integral use with pipeline appliances such as water meters. Check valves are safety devices for independent prevention of water backflow, for example from drinking water appliances back into the central water supply system. They can also be used for industrial, commercial and similar systems where back pressure, back flow and back syphonage must be prevented. The classicfications of appliances to meet these requirements are specified in EN 1717.