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V4043 Motorized zone valves

V4043 Motorized zone valves

Motorized spring-return 2-port hydronic zone valves

Product Description

Motorized spring-return 2-port hydronic zone valves
Honeywell V4043C 2-port hydronic valves are used in domestic and small commercial heating and cooling applications to control the flow of hot or cold water

Technical Properties

Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Port connection internal threads
Maximum operating pressure 8,6 bar
Media temp. 5 ... 88 oC
Ambient temperature ... 50 oC
Materials Brass valve housing, zinc-plated steel actuator cover and base
Valve type 2-way
Power supply 220-240V, 50Hz
Input signal SPST
Cable length 1000 mm
Type of terminals flying lead
Power loss action valve closed


Product Type Port diameter
Max. differential pressure for close-off
Kvs value
EAN code
With SPDT auxiliary switch

3/4 inch 0,55 bar 6,9


1 inch 0,45 bar 8,6



1/2 inch 1,38 bar 3

3/4 inch 0,55 bar 6,9

1 inch 0,45 bar 8,6