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Alwa-Kombi-4 (V1800) Circulation throttle valve

Alwa-Kombi-4 (V1800) Circulation throttle valve

Throttle and shut-off valve for potable water circulation loops for balancing according to DVGW worksheets W551 and W552. Retrofittable automatic t...

Product Description

Throttle and shut-off valve for potable water circulation loops for balancing according to DVGW worksheets W551 and W552. Retrofittable automatic temperature control with support of thermal disinfection. Draining support with adapter (accessory). Valve housing without side connections for easy insulation. Cavity-free insert with maintenance-free spindle sealing. Handwheel thread isolated from the flow. Visible digital pre-setting dial with concealed pre-setting ring. Very precise due to factory calibration.
For potable water circulation systems.

Technical Properties

Approvals DVGW approved, conforms with KTW requirements
Nominal pressure PN16
Pre-setting Yes
Max. media temperature 130 oC
Body pattern Y-pattern
Materials Valve housing and all parts with contact to the flow made of corrosion resistant red bronze
Position indication Visible, digital pre-setting display with concealed pre-setting ring
Automatic balancing support Yes
Integrated non-return device No
Draining/filling support Yes
Additional Descriptions Suitable connections see 'Connections for Alwa-valves'.

Certifications and Awards

Related Material


Product Type Connection size
DN size
Port connection
Port diameter
Kvs value
Alwa-Kombi-4 with external threads

15 mm external threads G3/4 inch 2.7

20 mm external threads G1 inch 6.4

25 mm external threads G1 1/4 inch 6.8

32 mm external threads G1 1/2 inch 16

40 mm external threads G1 3/4 inch 16
Alwa-Kombi-4 with internal threads

15 mm internal threads R1/2 inch 2.7

20 mm internal threads R3/4 inch 6.4

25 mm internal threads R1 inch 6.8

32 mm internal threads R1 1/4 inch 16

40 mm internal threads R1 1/2 inch 16
Alwa-Kombi-4 with fitted Mapress fittings

15 mm 15 mm Mapress fittings 2.7

18 mm 15 mm Mapress fittings 2.7

22 mm 20 mm Mapress fittings 6.4

28 mm 25 mm Mapress fittings 6.8

35 mm 32 mm Mapress fittings 16

42 mm 40 mm Mapress fittings 16
Alwa-Kombi-4 with fitted Sanpress fittings

15 mm 15 mm Sanpress fittings 2.7

18 mm 15 mm Sanpress fittings 2.7

22 mm 20 mm Sanpress fittings 6.4

28 mm 25 mm Sanpress fittings 6.8

35 mm 32 mm Sanpress fittings 16

42 mm 40 mm Sanpress fittings 16

Accessories and replacement parts


Image Description Product Type Downloads
Temperature-controlled actuator for 50...60 degree C (122...140 degree F) temperature range, conforms with DVGW, W551 and W552 VA2400A002  
Temperature-controlled actuator for 40...65 degree C (104...149 degree F) temperature range VA2400B002  
Draining Adapter for all types and sizes VA3400A001  
Thermometer TH07K  
Insulation shells for valve DN15 VA2510C015  
Insulation shells for valve DN20 VA2510C020  
Insulation shells for valve DN25 VA2510C025  
Insulation shells for valve DN32 VA2510C032  
Insulation shells for valve DN40 VA2510C040  
Insulation shells for valve DN50 VA2510C050  
Sampling valve. For all sizes. Only in conjunction with drain adapter VA3400A001 VA3400C001