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Compact Booster Unit - single pump, CBU140

Compact Booster Unit - single pump, CBU140

Fully automatic, ready-for-connection compact booster unit consisting of a single pump unit and a supply container for hygienic separation of drink...

Product Description

Fully automatic, ready-for-connection compact booster unit consisting of a single pump unit and a buffer tank for hygienic separation of drinking water and liquids of category 5 (agricultural businesses, slaughter houses, biological laboratories, sub-surface sprinkling systems) according to EN 1717.

The system has a mechanical floating valve in the inlet and can be switched on and off as required. The compact construction allows for installation in narrow supply rooms. The system comes ready to plug in and is equipped with a pump control and additionally a pressure gauge. A membrane-based pressure expansion vessel to reduce the frequency of operation is included in delivery, it must be installed at the outlet pipework as indicated on the diagram below. The compact booster unit provides separation of category 5 liquids from drinking water supply according to EN 1717.

Technical Properties

Max. media temperature 35 oC
Max. ambient temperature 40 oC
Volumetric flow 4 m3/h
Pump Single
Pumping height 43 m
Power consumption max.800 W
Additional Descriptions
  • Pre-assembled, ready for installation
  • No risk of microbial contamination due to hygienic separation of potable water from non-potable water
  • Easy installation due to modular construction and draining with integrated siphon trap
  • Reliable operation due to buffer tank
  • DVGW
  • CE
  • VA
Liquid category (EN1717) class 5
Maximum inlet pressure 4 bar
Max. pressure 6 bar

Water Without aggressive, abrasive and solid components

Certifications and Awards


Product Type
Compact Booster Unit - single pump; To ensure the quality of potable water according to EN 1717


Accessories and replacement parts

Spare parts

Image Description Product Type Downloads
Float valve (complete) 18040893-CBU  
Pump incl. set of seal elements 18041119-CBU  
Pump drive 18041125-CBU  
Seal set 18040824-CBU