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Braukmann Water Softeners

Lime itself is something natural and not harmful, as it contributes to the natural balance of the water. However the lime content in potable water in the form of calcium causes significant economic damage every year due to deposits in pipes and heating systems and the associated defects.
Treating the water can provide an effective protection against limescale in the entire domestic water installation.


Applications & Products

Braukmann KaltecSoft water softeners effectively protects against limescale deposits and ensures soft water throughout the house. It is the first intelligent water softener that thinks. It functions with a proportional salting, dosing only the amount of salt content required, according to the principles of an ionic exchange procedure. Thanks to this self-learning process, after a few weeks of operation the device calculates the daily average consumption and replenishes only the exact amount of regenerating salt needed.

With its compact dimensions, the unit is also suitable for small basement spaces.